WE humans impact AI

  • WE launch good AI faster
  • WE gather and share info on how people perceive AI
  • WE promote an attitude of creating human-centered AI

Attitudes that WE value

  • Proactiveness
  • Openness & Transparency
  • Lifelong learning mindset

Share what you think about AI to join the team which channels energy to positively impact the planet 🌍

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Voice solutions

End-to-end subtitling and transcribing services
We do captions right away!

SaaS captioning & transcriptions tool
Have your subtitles ready in minutes at best value to price ratio

Labeling services

Voice, visual, text, tabular and medical data annotations

Remote teams
Remote Teams

Scalable operations within the EU, optimized costs and no more micromanagement


Maciej Michalewski

CEO & Founder @ Element
“DataLabeling.EU helped to train our machine learning model, which allowed better results in the recruitment process.”

Krzysztof Rumianowski

Chairman @ BPO Network
“WEimpact.Ai voice solutions help us in turning company conversations into the data assets for better decision making”

Maciej Maliszewski

Head of Bots @ K2Bots.AI
“Testers team helps us to launch better AI driven chatbots”


We are a Polish company and we will gladly help your team to scale AI projects.
Enjoy a ☕ in our Warsaw office or connect remotely to talk about the exciting artificial intelligence.

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